Here at Specialty Jeeps we specialize in full ground up restorations.

Most of the Jeeps we restore are sentimental to a family and have been in the family for many years through several generations and the family wants the Jeep restored back to how they remember it.

We have some customers that prefer the Jeep be restored back to it's original condition as aif it were new.

We are a dealer for all the parts manufacturers and and we also warehouse NOS (New Old Stock) parts as well.

If your looking to have a Jeep restored send us pictures of your Jeep including all four sides, inside and under the hood and we can give you a price on restoring your Jeep.

What people love about having us restore their Jeep is we keep the customer updated on the progress of the Jeep with pictures along the way. Our website is so popular and people comment to us about it all the time they like the fact that we document every part being restored. Each part is shown before, sandblasted, primed and painted.

For pictures of Jeeps we have already restored go to the Pictures Section here on our website to see just some of the restorations we have performed.


We have our own in house engine, transmission and axle rebuild shop where we have the ability to tear down and factory rebuild any component on any Jeep.



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